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Title: Dave Valliere Songs

Dave Valliere Songs
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 1. Message
 2. Soldiers
 3. Orange Car
 4. Lovin’ U More
 5. Angels Need Her
 6. Future’s in Heaven
 7. Sista Loves You
 8. Neptune
 9. Summer of Rain
10. Words Are Flowing
11. Around Your Heart
12. Everytime I Think of You

 Dave Valliere – guitars, piano,  vocals
 Eric Lilljequist – harmony  vocals
 Dean Adrien – harmony vocals
 Michele Girouard – harmony  vocals
 Scott Young – bass (all tracks  except 3, 11, and 12)
 Mike Bangrazi – drums (all tracks  except 3, 11, and 12)
 Greg Ristuben – bass (tracks 3,  11, and 12)
 Dennis Mahoney – drums (tracks  3, 11, and 12)

  All songs written by Dave Valliere

Orange Car
words and music © Dave Valliere

she's always mumbling something
she past me by in the orange car
i tell my friends that she loves me
but it don't seem to get me too far
no my friend she don't know who you are

i take the train back to my place
i tear her pictures down from my wall
i hope that we get together babe
through the nights when i wait for your call
they ring once hang up and thats all

there goes my love she's a game
she past me by in the orange car
to her each love is the same
so i'm pretending to be a star

2005-2018 Dave Valliere. All Rights Reserved. Tampa, FL